Planet Explorers


A huge adventure on a faraway planet


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Planet Explorers is an open world role-playing game where the players put themselves in the shoes of an explorer that just arrived on a new planet. He has to establish a base and take care of all the work that comes with it.

This means that the players will have to confront various problems that can be solved in different ways. On one side, Planet Explorers allows you to modify the terrain in a similar way as in Minecraft, being able to construct any type of tool and different buildings, also quite similar as in the game Mojang.

So the number of existing possibilities in Planet Explorers is enormous, especially when knowing that this is an Alpha version. You can create dozens of types of buildings, working tools, weapons, vehicles...

If the creative part is not enough, then Planet Explorers also has a strong load of role-playing and action. The players will have to deal with all the creatures of the planet in a way that will remind you of Monster Hunter.

Furthermore, the surroundings of the planet are very varied. You can explore its green steppes or its blue sea depths, passing by rocky mountains or the interior of caves. In each environment you will find different enemies and different materials.

On a graphic level, Planet Explorers is no wonder but it's also not bad. It uses 'voxels' technology, which allows it to generate a lot of terrain without using a lot of memory. Furthermore, the character models are generally well made.

Planet Explorers is a very ambitious open world role-playing game that combines the best of a lot of very good games to offer a different experience. When it will be in a more advanced developed stage, it will be the talk of the town.
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